The main objective of the National Centre for Tourist Information and Tourist Promotion consists of the touristic development and the raising of tourist numbers in Dolhasca city and the surrounding area.
The Tourist Information and Promotion Centre will provide the indispensable connection with the tourists, realizing their complete and objective information, as well as the promotion activity of the Dolhasca tourist destination through all available media.
The Tourist Information and Promotion Centre will represent for the Romanian and foreign tourists, the effective departure point for the acquaintance and visiting of the city Dolhasca and of the entire Suceava region. Likewise, the Tourist Information and Promotion Centre will represent a valuable resource for the provision of information on the spot and for the influencing of the visitor’s options in the sense of extending their stay and of determining of the visitors to return.
Our project, the Tourist Information and Promotion Centre, has the role to develop the tourism in our city area, which inevitably will contribute to the creation of new work places and the attracting of alternative income revenues, together with the increasing of attractiveness of Suceava space. One of the strengths of the Suceava region and of Dolhasca city consists of the touristic potential, which must be evidently highlighted.

The specific objectives of the project are:
1. The construction of The Tourist Information and Promotion Centre, with the purpose of the tourism development and the increasing of the number of tourists in Dolhasca city and the adjacent areas.
2. The design of a web site and of a data base with complete and up to date touristic information, with the goal of raising the Internet use in the touristic booking and promotion services.
3. The creation and endowment of the Tourist Information and Promotion Centre with all necessary equipment for the good functioning of the Centre, in order to insure the tourism development in the Dolhasca city.
4. The placing of three illuminated signs, of a Romania volumetric logo, of an advertising mast and two signal flags, aimed at raising the visibility of the Tourist Information and Promotion Centre created.
The Suceava region situates in the north-eastern part of Romania, bordering Ukraine at north and east, the Neamt and Mures regions in south, and Maramures and Bistrita regions at west. Birth place of an ancient civilization, the Suceava county is located in the north-eastern part of Romania and occupies one of the main places in terms of economic potential, human resources and tourism. Dolhasca city is located in the south eastern extremity of the Suceava county, the crossing point and communication between three counties: Iasi, Suceava and Botosani.  With a population of over 11,093 inhabitants, with a total of seven villages assigned, it occupies an area of over 11,035 hectares. The settlement is crossed by two major rivers: Siret River and Somuzul Mare River which join together in confluence on its territory, offering favorable climatic conditions to the inhabitants which have as main concern -the agriculture. The natural location in a geographic framework that includes almost all relief forms, allows the city of Dolhasca to benefit from the reputation of a beautiful place.
Our project involves the creation and endowment of a Tourism Information and Promotion Centre in the city of Dolhasca, through which we contribute to the realization of a developed network of tourism information coordinated in all important touristic areas in the country.
Likewise, through our project we will contribute to the fulfillment of the recommendations of the Master Plan that aims at extending the hospitality message towards the guests, offering them accurate information in order to support them in their orientation, to increase their convenience and thus to determine the appreciation of their destination.
Simultaneously, through the implementation of the specific objectives of this project, we contribute to one of the objectives included in the fifth priority axis “Sustainable development and tourism promotion” and specifically to improve the attractiveness of the region and new jobs opportunities.
All these will lead to a sustainable development and to the elimination of differences between the regions, through the raise of competitiveness of the regions as business locations.
By contributing to the creation and development of touristic information centers at national level, we will contribute to the raise of attractiveness for Romania, as a touristic and business destination, to the sustainable development of the touristic products and the raise in internet use for booking and tourism services. Thus, our project contributes to the realization of one of the DMI 3.1 objectives “Promoting the touristic potential and creating the necessary infrastructure in order to increase Romania’s attractiveness as a tourist destination” by improving the local/regional informative capacity. Thus, we expect an increase of informative degree in the tourist visiting the area and of the tourism operators with 26%.
At the same time, with the project’s contribution to the achievement of the specific objectives of the key area of intervention 5.3, the operation “The Creation of National Centers of Tourism Information and Promotion (CTCTI) and their endowment” we bring our contribution to achieving the outcome indicators implemented in the framework Document for tourism implementation for POR, minimum 100 supported National Centers for Tourism Information and Promotion, 2.5 million visitors in the National Centers for Tourism Information and promotion and 1.5 million visitors on the web site.
POR’s specific objective that consists of the support of a sustainable and balanced socio-economic development of all of Romania’s regions, in accordance with the specific requirements and resources, with a highlight on the support for the sustainable development of the urban growth poles, the improvement of the business environment and of the basic infrastructure, will be sustained through the implementation of our project, through the creation of the Centre for Tourism Information and Promotion with the correct endowment and functioning.
The project brings a plus value to the realization of the POR objectives namely “Raise in the contribution of tourism in the development of the regions” through the creation of this Centre that will provide the tourists with all needed information contributing at the same time to the development and the promotion of the region from a touristic point of view and the increase of employability in the area.

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