Presentation of the area
Number villages Nr. 7
The administrative area Ha 11,035 ha

Geographical characteristics(location, terrain, location, neighborhoods, opportunities for access - national road rail, airport)

Dolhasca, town status back on the map of Suceava County since April 2004, the city recently created by the will unanimous residents who participated in the referendum organized on this occasion, is located in south-eastern county of Suceava, the crossing point and Moldovan communication between the three counties: Iasi, Suceava and Botosani.With a population of over 11 009 inhabitants, 50 businesses, 14 educational institutions with a number of 7 villages assigned, occupying an area of over 11,035 ha, of which over 5,600 ha of agricultural land, the rest is occupied by forest vegetation, township II score on county size after older cities. The settlement is crossed by two major rivers of waters: and the River Siret River Şomuzul Mare, which join the confluence its territory, offering favorable climatic conditions of the inhabitants having as main concern - agriculture.

History (documentary, legend name etc)

Natural location in a geographic framework that comprises almost all forms of relief, makes the town Dolhasca to benefit from the reputation of a beautiful settlements. Meanwhile, the town is crossed by three county roads linking the three counties namely: DJ 208, DJ 208A and DJ 208 S and a rich network of roads to facilitate access of local people to other neighboring localities or within their . Settlement across the village a school named after historic ,, inhabited area Oltea "great ruler mother - Stefan cel Mare with a network of 14 schools. Also in the village are two cultural centers with old theatrical and choral work states.In recent years after the 1989 revolution, the center of the village took another look due to new buildings constructed during this period, among which the headquarters of the local government - Town Hall Dolhasca, the premises of the CEC, rehabilitation of roads and modernizing an esplanade central complete a pleasant urban layout.In economic terms, the town is characterized by a large number of operators 50 companies, over 135 individuals, Forest Department Dolhasca, railway station, the House of Culture Alexander Arşinel, human dispensary, post office, hospital, concrete plant Factory Siliştea alcohol. Agromec the Dolhasca consumption - Coop and many others, shows that Dolhasca, producing necessary goods consumption, unfold products through a network of stores of cooperatives and the private, basic needs occur daily.

Human Resources (total population stable)

classification by gender - women, men


11 009 inhabitants,

(census 2011)

5544 women, 5465 men

Natural resources (mineral resources of soil and underground water resources, etc.)

City landscape Dolhasca fall in physical and geographical units of Suceava Plateau at the confluence with Siret Şomuzul Mare, comprising the western slopes of the Great Hill and the southern part of Plateau falticeni separated by the Siret River Valley.Private Great Hill or Hill Vineyards is observed that the relief shown in gradually from Siret valley and Şomuzul Mare, with plains and farmland, climbing gently slopes and increase the hills lost in woodland on the tops of highest hills that dominate the region in the study:

Great Hill - 595 m

The heat hill - 325 m

Răftivanului Glade Hill - 424 m

Hill "La spoon" - 443 m

The general configuration of the relief forms wide valleys of the Siret and Şomuzul Mare, accompanied by terraces from which is inserted slightly inclined slopes (10 to 20 degrees).

The altitude varies between 450 m relief in the hilly area, the highest in northwestern territory studied 220 m Siret valley in the south.(see map hypsometrical).

In terms of lithology existing landforms are composed of sedimentary deposits of sandstone, clay, marl, sand and gravel.

In general appearance, the landscape around forms characteristic Dolhasca City Suceava Plateau. In terms of geomorphology in the city Dolhasca meet the following types of relief: structural relief, relief river, river-rock exposures-tional relief and relief Biogen andntropogen (anthropogenic)

stable total population (age categories, 0-18, 18-45, over 45 years)

Stable population Total, of which: Male Female
Total 11.009 5544 5,465
0-14 2446 1192 1254
15-29 3092 1496 1596
30-49 1597 882 715
50-64 1998 987 1011
More than 65 1876 887 989

Age structure of population in the city of Suceava, 2007


Public roads, of which:

- DN: - upgraded

        - Road with light clothing

- DJ - wayernizate

      - Road with light clothing

      - Cobbled

- DC:

            - Classified:

                         - Upgraded

                        - Road with light clothing

                                      - Cobbled

            - Unclassified:

                          - Cobbled

                                      - Earth















The length of railway line Km 20
Railway stations (Halt) Nr. 2
Airports (heliports) Nr. 0
Length of drinking water distribution Km 53
Number of homes connected to the drinking water network Nr. 884
The length of the sewerage network Km 1.8
Number of homes connected to the sewerage network Nr. 43
Wastewater treatment / wastewater treatment   2
The length of the grid Km 120
Number of homes connected to the electricity network   3580
Length of gas Km -
Number of homes connected to the gas Nr. -
Social Indicators
Active civil population thou 5220
Employed population (the fields, industry, agriculture, services,other areas) thou 3985

Employees - No.The average, as follows:

-          the public sector

-          private sector

Pers. 485
Unemployed pers 720
    - Compensated by age / sex / training pers 135
    - Unpaid by age / sex / training pers 585
Retirees Pers 2630
Persons with disabilities Pers 145
People receiving social assistance Pers 680
Economic development

Number of agents (companies) assets, by activity

-          production

-          Services

-          trade

-          tourism

  -    other fields




  Number of agents (companies) assets, size:

- Large (250 or more employees)

- Small and medium enterprises (10-249 employees)

- Micro (0-9 employees)

- Cooperative organizations

- Individuals, family businesses, and individual

  1. ......






Mining area (whereapplicable)

    - Operate mining

    - Processing facilities, mining

    - Zone / holdings / units decommissioned

Nr. ---

Agricultural area, of which:

-          arable area

-          pastures

-          meadows

-          vii

-          orchards

(Specify and property)









Forests and other forest land, of which:

-          state ownership

-          privately owned

-          joint ownership





Forest Holdings   -
Centre for collecting mushrooms, berries   -
Centre hunting   -
Waters, lakes / ponds / public or private property Ha -
Fishing Centers   -
Other land Ha 1660
Animal Husbandry    

Flocks (in farms and households)

-          cattle

-          horses

-          swine

-          Sheep

-          poultry

-          beehives

-          other animals and birds










Agricultural holdings,with the following observations:

-          unincorporated (individual perspective, authorized individual and family businesses)

-          with legal personality (autonomous, companies / agricultural associations, cooperative units or other types)


Livestock holdings,with the following observations:

-          unincorporated (individual perspective, authorized individual and family enterprises)

    - Having legal personality (autonomous, companies / agricultural associations, cooperative units or other types)

Agricultural advisory centers Nr. -
Veterinary clinics (medical staff) Nr. 1
Services / Trade
Local TV Nr. 1
Post office Nr. 4
Number of subscribers to cable television services Nr. 893
Number of Internet subscribers Nr. 122
Other services   -
Shopping centers (malls, bazaars, farmers' markets, fairs, fairs, hyper, super - market- s)


One marketplace, one hyper-market

State education units, of which:

-          kindergartens

-          schools, of which: - Classes I-IV

-          Classes I-VIII

-          Art and crafts schools

-          schools / colleges

Private educational units










Universities / state / private / branches   -
Number preschoolers enrolled in kindergarten Nr. 337
School population Nr. 1237

Teachers, of which:

-          qualified

-          unskilled





Youth and Sports
Land / Gyms / Sports Facilities Nr./ Sqm Land area. 2
Pool / Swimming Pools   -
Skating Rinks   -
Ski slopes   -
Other leisure facilities   -
Cultural House Nr. 3
Libraries Nr. 1
Units of worship - churches   11
Museums   -
Memorial Houses   -
Other cultural   -
Research / Innovation

Institutions / State / Centre for Research - Development

(name, field, other data)  

Health / Social  
Hospitals / Dispensaries / Centre is health / Orphanages (Noting the state, private) Nr. 3
Beds in hospitals Nr. -
Medical-medical Nr. 4
Doctors Nr. 7
Personal ward Nr. 8
Dentist   2
Pharmacies Nr. 2
Social assistance units Nr. 1
Forms of tourism that can be practiced   The dominant form of tourism in the area is now the cultural-historical vestiges of the existence of national importance

Attractions - enumeration, short description

The city has a rich historical past,rootedin times past, full ofturmoiland obstacles that characterized the life itself domntorului Stefan cel Mare, Petru Rares his son, his mother Mrs. Oltea.LastgraveshavingMonastery Probota and first wife Evdokia, Mr. Stefan cel Mare.

In 1465, Stefan cel Mare buried here his mother, Mrs. O. and 1467 his wife Evdokia.Probota Monastery was built by Petru Rares, the site of the old churches in several stages: the church in 1530, painting in 1536. The inside wall was built in 1550. The royal necropolis.The painting belongs to a serious craftsman with knowledge and notions of geometric perspective, close to those of his contemporaries in the countries of Western Renaissance.The theme of "Revelation" is here a real manifestation of modern fantasy vision.The main picture presents Peter Rares with family.In the crypt are the tombs of Petru Rares, Mrs. Elena and their son Stefan.The platform above the village Probota - Village center comunăpână was in 1968 - the town is guarded by the foundation Dolhasca Mr Petru Rares - now a UNESCO monument.

Probota Monastery appreciated by historians and specialists in architecture unique in Europe by elements mural, while being kept in the circuit included monasteries in the north Moldovei.La Probota Monastery has apprenticed Metropolitan Dosoftei.

The second landmark that it offers tourists Dolhasca asChurch "Virgin Birth" in Poiana.It is an Orthodox church in the village of Poiana, at the outskirts of Suceava County Dolhasca.It was built in the mid nineteenth century by noblemen Răftivanu and is distinguished by four white towers that form of four fingers on a mână.Biserica was included on the list of historical monuments in the county of Suceava in 2004.

Accommodation units - Total Nr. 1
      Hotels No. -
      Motels Nr. -
      Villas Nr.  
      Tourist Cottages Nr. -
      Guesthouses Nr. -
      Agro pensions Nr.  
      Other units Nr. 1
Travel Agents Nr. -
Centre / Tourist Information Points / Associations to promote tourism Nr. -
                                    Investment opportunities
Land under public or private property -Surface / distance to roads, and utilities - short description Mp 3137420
Buildings under public or private property area / distance to roads, and utilities  Short description Mp 27,400
Other natural and human resources    
Other goods    
Prospects for alternative energy systems   Yes
Potential for development of tourism activities   Yes
Other possibilities    
                                                        Partnerships / Twinnings
Local partnerships and local developer   (IDA plants, sites and other partnerships LAG) 2

Local Action -GRUP Micro Belcesti - Fireworks Iasi

Suceava County -Consiliul

Twinning -  

                                    Other data characteristic of the village

- Promotion of organic food

- Fairs promoting organic products in partnership with Made in Bucovina

- Tradition and crafts or other areas deemed of interest for local and area

Craftsmen Fair organized between City Days

- October 12 to 14, 2012 to participate in "Bucovina Tourism Fair" held in Central Park in front

Administrative Palace Suceava.

- Participation in trade fairs, exhibitions, missions at home and abroad

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